9 Life Hacks For Gamers

While you may be a big gamer, you’re probably not gaming in the most optimal way. No matter how good you are, there’s always room for improvement. If you make use of the following life hacks, you can improve your performance and make yourself a better gamer with a few simple tweaks.


  • Buy a Good Chair and Improve Your Posture

    One of the easiest ways to improve your gaining performance is to get yourself a good chair. This may sound strange at first but sitting all day in a chair can really end up hurting your back if you aren’t careful, and once you’re in any sort of discomfort or pain you’re not going to be playing as well as you potentially could. You can solve this problem by purchasing an ergonomic chair, something that will assist you in having good posture. You can also get yourself a standing or transforming desk, which would take a lot of the stress of your back and improve your overall performance.

  • Use a Wired Connection if Possible

    Wireless connections might be convenient, but if you’re really looking to get the best possible ping and keep your lag at a minimum, use a wired connection. You’ll want to use a wired connection whenever you can, because it will make sure you have better speed and stability in terms of your internet connection. Obviously this isn’t always possible, and sometimes a wireless connection will have to do, but when you can use an ethernet cable. Make sure you tape the cable down so nobody trips on it though.

  • Take Steps to Protect Your Eyes and Sleep

    Studies have shown that constant exposure to artificial light is linked with increased stress and anxiety, problems sleeping, and other negative health effects which can degrade your performance. To cut down on these negative effects from artificial light, you can try allowing some natural light into your gaming room. This will help you be more mentally focused while you play.

    Exposure to blue light will make it harder for you to sleep, and naturally if you’re tired you’re going to be playing worse than if you were rested. Some gamers use glasses that reduce the amount of blue light that reaches the eye, but you can also try apps like Twilight or Flux. These apps will automatically adjust your screen’s brightness throughout the day and cut down on the amount of blue light emitted by your screen.

  • Take Some Time to Set up Your Monitor/TV Correctly

    It can be annoying to navigate all those menus on your TV or monitor, and set it up in the optimal fashion, but it’s worth doing it. If you take some time to ensure that your TV or monitor is correctly configured, it will save you a lot of time and effort. For instance, it’ll prevent you from struggling to find critical items while in the dark, creepy halls of the newest horror game. Most TVs nowadays have a dedicated Game Mode, so you’ll want to enable that option if possible. Many modern displays also have a setting that allows you to turn off input lag, you should do this so you can have the quickest possible response time. Even if the manual for your TV is long gone, it’s still well worth the time it will take you to configure your display correctly.

  • Schedule Your Updates to Happen Overnight

    Modern consoles and PCs all have automatic downloads and updates, and they will take care of them in the background, as long as the device remains on. If you go into the system settings on your console or PC, you can make sure that your auto updates are configured to run at a time when you are in bed. That way, you don’t ever have to worry about sitting through a long update when you’re itching to play some game.

  • Use Browser Extensions to Get the Best Deals on Games

    There many browser extensions to install that will get you the best possible deals on video games. The Honey plug-in can find you coupon codes everywhere, and Amazon Assistant enables easy and quick price comparison so you don’t need to spend a bunch of time looking for cheaper options when shopping online. Price Alarm can track prices on both eBay and Amazon, and notify you when an item you pick reaches a price you have set.

  • Pick up some Multi-use USB cables

    You can get yourself very handy multi-use USB cables, which will allow you to charge a variety of different things with only one cable. You can charge your Nintendo 3DS, the PlayStation 4 controller, phone, your smart phone or tablet, and more.

  • Exercise and see a variety of benefits

    Exercising while playing video games? Aren’t those two things opposite actions to one another? Many people have stereotypes of gamers as people who don’t exercise, but this doesn’t need to be true. In fact, you can keep yourself active and enjoy the benefits of exercise while playing a videogame. You could ride a stationary bike for a little while, while playing a handheld game for example, or while sitting in front of your TV playing a game. You could also keep a set of weights nearby to use during cutscenes and loading times. If you really want to see the benefits of exercise, try something like playing Dark Souls and doing a couple push-ups every time you die, you’ll see benefits in no time.

  • Stay relaxed – Meditate

    It’s important to stay relaxed when playing video games. If you get frustrated, you’ll just make more mistakes, which can lead to getting more frustrated, which in turn leads to more mistakes and so on. Practicing mindfulness, or meditating, can help you be a better gamer by reducing the stress. Meditation has proven benefits when it comes to reducing stress, and it has also been shown to improve your ability to focus, which could make you a better gamer.


If you want to perform as well as you can at video games, consider using the tips above to optimize your gaming experience.

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