League of Legends Pro League

eSports has been taking off in recent years, with more and more professional leagues popping up around the world.  One of the more recent professional leagues is the League of Legends Championship Series.  Published by Riot Games, League of Legends is a very competitive online battle arena game.  The player chooses a character that has special powers and abilities, with each team battling to destroy each other’s base, although other game modes exist as well.  A unique aspect of the game is that each character grows stronger and more powerful as the game progresses.  The start of the game has all of the characters at the lowest level possible.  As you interact in the game (kill other players, kill creatures, defeat computer-controlled minions), you get gold and experience points, which you can use to buy abilities, gear, and magic.

The League of Legends Championship League is a competitive league that is run directly by Riot Games.  The format consists of 20 professional teams, 10 in the United States and 10 in Europe, with lucrative cash winnings.  The 2016 championship had a prize pool of over 6 million dollars, with millions of people watching the championship match.

The season runs in two halves, Spring and Summer.  At the end of the season, it culminates with the League of Legends World Championship, where the top two teams in the league battle it out for ultimate glory.  Professional League of Legends has become so popular that there are now different tiers of professional leagues, with the potential to be promoted and relegated within the tiers.  Not only are there professional leagues in North America and Europe, there are leagues in China, Taiwan, and many other places.

With the League of Legends Championship Series, North American teams play out of Los Angeles, and European players play out of Berlin, Germany.  It has become so popular in Europe that many countries have even changed their laws for visas with players entering the country for eSports leagues.

Gamers with serious talent can now become professional players with the potential to win a lot of money – the League of Legends Championship Series and the recent establishment of a professional Overwatch team has solidified eSports as a major form of entertainment.  With millions of dollars in winnings and sponsorships on the line, you can be rest assured that each team will bring out their top talent for each and every match.

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